So Many Names: Venus Rx

In the first of at-least-more-than-one Venus retrograde posts, I’m doing a little dedication in hopes of remediation. Please enjoy this Lady In The Underworld-sympathetic playlist. I’ve been working on it since last friday. Most of these are a little on-the-nose in a very deliberate way. The idea is that we find ourselves contemplating her journey at this time while falling into the emotions of directly correlating lyrics and music. The experience becomes the offering.

Please enjoy. Or suffer. Whatever is best right now. I trust your judgement.

And turn shuffle off, you monsters.

I decided to stop boiling with rage at the failure to embed, so you can just click this whole sentence.

Space Fruits from the Tree of Life

I thought I would share a little piece of praxis of my own devising which has proven to be far more valuable than originally anticipated. This will be of particular interest to qabbalists (or however the fuck you spell it in whatever context this falls under) and even moreso among they who also have some astrological wisdom.

  1. Find and print an image of the Tree of Life that is minimalistic enough to leave room for your own scribblings.
  1. Using your birth chart, draw the zodiacal sigil on each sephiroth that corresponds to where that sephira’s corresponding planet sits in your chart. In other words, because Venus rules Netzach, the seventh sephira, and Venus on my birth chart is in Scorpio, I would draw the sigil for Scopio on the seventh sephira. 
  1. Add your rising to Malkuth, as that is the constellation literally rising on your earthly position and the sign with which you must learn to grow into in this incarnation.
  1. Add your chiron to Daath, the abyss, as it represents that which was brought from before this life, and that which can only be healed by crossing the abyss.
  1. Sit back and take it in. There’s a lot to process here. The way we operate within the different modes of hyper thickness can be much better understood when broken down into this context. It’s also worth considering the potential friction between the ruling planet of your signs and the attributes of the sephiroth.

An example of reading this system: Noticing that my entire astral plane is composed of fixed signs and how that relates to being spiritually slow to adjust but very sturdy, while on the surface my airy and cardinal Libra Sun in Tiphareth is constantly bored, insecure, forgetful, and impatiently trying to harmonize the double Scorpio in Netzach & Hod combo on the tier below with the double Capricorn in Geburah & Chesed above. 

Look for any detriments, falls, or exaltations in your chart and consider those places that may need healing or may be easily strengthened due to a preexisting personal makeup.

I would love to hear your insights if this proves useful to you.

As a disclaimer I have to caution against falling into systems traps, by which I mean to say that the tree and it’s sephiroth are a means to cramming that which is beyond us into a language we can use. It is no more valid than any other interpretation from any other culture or tradition (and arguably academically even less so, not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

If you’re not into Kabbalah and this seems interesting, then gods help you and please enjoy The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune, it is an excellent work.