So I made a podcast.

Until I make a permanent home for this new project by myself and illustrator-magician Kurt Huggins, I’m just going to post the debut episode here.

This is an exploration and an experiment. Taking cues from our own favorite podcasts and realizing that in an edited world raw realness is useful, we’re going with the improvised low budget, low effort improv prompt for the show where we just talk about stuff we (or the guest) like and whatever else comes up.

This will be a learning experience and an adventure, our comfort level and rapport developing over time, while the content and structure will be forever open to change. The sound quality will improve too, but a lot quicker if we get donations (which you can give through the link on our page or through Bitcoin donations within podcasting 2.0 apps.)


Here’s a link since WordPress can’t embed a simple podcast without failing. 😀