Sorcerous Lineage & Magical Fortitude Course

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Throughout this eight-week course you will connect with the spirits of the land and earth, remove malefic influences, magically protect your home, heal and release unhelpful ancestral patterns, and connect with supportive and accepting ancestors of blood, craft, and legend. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences with the other participants and ask questions of the facilitator in the Discord chat at any time. Sharing experiences is not required but does help to solidify experiences of the otherworldly as real in our minds.

The rites and practices are a synthesis of practical animism, shamanic ancestral healing, and some elements of the grimoire tradition and Greek Magical Papyri curated into weekly lessons full of rites, methods, and threads to pull for further research and exploration, all carefully crafted to deepen your relationships with the spirits and currents who best support your clarity, stability, protection, and success.

Forming trusting and intimate connections with the spirits of land and Place is a very powerful way to raise one’s general level of coherence and spiritual well-being. We literally are the plants and animals we consume to continue living, but when we bring these to the forefront of our awareness rather than the background the willing and cognisant engagement with these relationships of give-and-take can be profoundly impactful, even life-changing, as well as providing some additional resting layers of peace and protection through an actualization of our own unique context.

Likewise, we are also made of all those who came before us; the dead. Regardless of the relationship you may have to your living family or even the recently deceased, each one of us has scores of ancestors roaming about in the mists of time who would be thrilled to find us here amongst the living doing whatever weird thing it is we’re into and looking for support. Good and kind, strong and cunning, ready and willing to provide their stability, whether you’re a saint or a sorcerer.

These relationships, and a state of right relations, are the trajectory this course aims to facilitate, for the betterment of your state of being and your degree of spiritual protection.

The following are some reflections from participants who have completed the course. Drop your email below them for notifications on when the next round of this magical and healing adventure will begin.


“This was a revelatory experience for me, the focused quality and clear methodology cut through my trepidation and allowed me to step deeply into an area of magic that always made me nervous. Facilitating a release of burdens I never knew I carried while making the world that much more alive and full.”


“I promised myself in 2020 that I would find some guidance to do ancestor remediation to heal some family issues by the end of 2021. I was astounded, though I should not have been, when I made it under the cut off after the Reverend announced this course. It was so much more than I anticipated. I cannot begin the list of magical things begun in my life: new understandings of the sacred and deepening of relationship with the occupiers’ of that space, new allies in my magical workings, a sense of belonging and renewed trust in myself. I came for the sorcerous lineage and got that in abundance – but the magical fortitude – the sheer tensile strength of the rootedness this course provides is indescribable. I am forever changed, in all the best ways, from the magic here. I would recommend this for anyone looking to strengthen their relationships with other (human or otherwise) and with themselves. I can’t see a time in my magical practice moving forward that is not informed by what I learned here.”

– Beverly

“I came into this course with only a little experience in working with ancestors and spirits of place. I found the coursework provided simple and doable exercises that were very effective at building those bonds. The effects of doing this work unfolded, and opened new pathways for magical practice and spirit relationships that I couldn’t have planned for or anticipated beforehand. The Reverend was an overwhelmingly helpful and supportive presence, answering any questions that came up and giving compassionate and helpful advice. I was most surprised at how much connection there was between the course participants, as people shared their experiences in the chat room, but also went off on wild and wonderful tangents about all myriad of wonderful, magical subjects. Reverend J writes the most gorgeous prayers, and the ritual work is intimate, earthy and heart-centered. Working with ancestors and spirits of place is one of the most potent therapeutic forms of magic I’ve worked so far, and I found that the coursework gave some helpful guardrails to guide this process.”

– Emily

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